Friday, 4 June 2010

June Update

OK so I missed a blog in May - My resolution to Blog more has failed!!

As I sit in the garden enjoying the sunshine I am trying to prioritise what to write about.
New to Knits in the City - Knit Pro Symfonie Needles See website for range of products available. A truly great product. The finish is just luxury and knitting with them is lovely.
Business has been good - not great - but good - I love making summer garments but maybe some people prefer to knit during the winter months............. I am working on a cricket sweater from the Debbie Bliss Magazine at the moment. Perfect for our summer months where it can still get a bit chilly in the evenings.It is coming along beautifully. I havent used the Amalfi yarn before so decided to give it a try. I would describe it as a loose cotton as in the yarn is loosly spun. You do have to be careful when knitting with it but the result is fabulous. Would definitely use it again.

I have recently finished the Hawthorne bag from Louisa Harding Little Cake. Cardoon from the Rowan Purelife Collection and the Olivia Tank Top from Noro Catwalk. Havent got pics of the finished garments as there is nobody to take any pics of me at the moment.The bag turned out really well and I enjoyed making it. The Cardoon Looks great in real life but was a bit boring to knit. The Tank top was quick and easy and as with all Noro projects you never really know what you are going to end up with. I love it. A couple of the girls from the Knitting group said I looked Preppy in it and thats fine with me.
Enjoyed the Sex in the City Film last Friday. I organised a night out with the girls where we met has Cosmos a dinner and then went on to see the movie. I thought it was really funny - just perfect for a girls night out. I will have to arrange another soon.
I am waiting for a couple of pics of finished items to be e-mailed to me - these garments have been completed by members of our knitting group and are truly inspiring.
Did I mention that I had joined Weight Watchers - well its working I have lost 12lbs in 6 weeks. I know it doesnt sound amazing but it has made a real difference to me and how my clothes fit.
Only another 16lbs to go!!!! Wish me luck.


  1. Why don't you stock Rowans Classic Siena 100% cotton yarn?

  2. Hi Knit4dolls

    I can get this yarn as special order for anybody who wants to order it. Just drop me an e-mail and I can get any shades you require.