Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Culinary Skills

Just thought that I would let you in on a secret - I'm not really a very good cook. I do admit to this and tell people but they usually think that I am exaggerating until they taste my wares. Consequently I get fed quite a lot by my friends or eat out in restaurants.

Example - last week the girls came round - I put some tartlets and Chinese nibbles from M&S in the oven and burnt them slightly. Yes there were flames but you could still see some of the food it wasn't all black....... I was the only one to eat them - after all I am used to it.

To redeem myself I cooked chili on Thursday and invited same girls around. The chili was good and hot. They seemed shocked. Not as shocked as I was the next day when one person was glued to the loo...... It couldn't have been the food could it - I was OK?

Friday, 24 April 2009

Knits in the City at Home Party


Last night I hosted my first Knits in the City at Home Party and it went really well.
One of my friends held it at her house and was attended by 13 of her friends/work colleagues.
The format of the night was;

Ice Breaker Games to get to know the group.
Quiz on Knitting and (on this occasion) Sex and the City
A quick fashion show of items I had made recently
A review of the latest patterns and yarns
and of course food and drink.....

I have recently added children's knitting packs and tapestry kits etc to my product range and these were received very well.

Thanks to Ruth for having the party. If this format appeals to any of my bloggers please drop me a line and I will be glad to host a party at your house.

See you all on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Second Stitch and Bitch - Prescot

Well I have done it again. Our second Stitch and Bitch session and Liverpool are playing Arsenal. Don't know what the lads in the wine bar think of us knitters in the corner but we shall not be moved!

Two new pattern books to show everyone tonight. Rowan Studio Issue 15 and Rowan Breeze by Kim Hargreaves.

Lets hope we have a good one. See you all there.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Prescot and St Helens First Stitch and Bitch Session

Thank you to everybody who made it to the first Stitch and Bitch session in Prescot. The session went quite well but trust me to pick a night when England were playing football!!

Hopefully we will have another good turn out next week and the people who couldn't make it this week (yes I'm talking to you Sue and Candice) will be able to join us.

The sessions will run every Tuesday evening.
Louise (above) has started her baby blanket hot on the tails of Hazel (right) who is creating a multicoloured blanket for her first grandchild - due the beginning of June.

We are all really excited for Hailey (the expectant mum) who was practicing by feeding Marie's new baby at the session and doing rather well.

Congratulations to Jo who is making great progress on her Cocoon cardigan. This is Jo's first project and she has already completed the back and is now on the left front.

Tracyand Laura modelled some of our creations and Tracy selected a great piece out of the Rowan Nectar book as her new project.

Tracy's new project right. 8 weeks until we go on holiday and I am sure this will be completed by then. Maybe with the matching beanie?? Watch this space..........

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

I have had a busy Easter so far - just got in after a lovely day in the sunshine and I am off to eat one of my Easter Eggs (I got two this year!!!) I went to watch my friends competing in dressage this morning, bathed my horse this afternoon, walked the dog and went for a lovely dinner at my Dad and Sues.

Tomorrow I will be preparing for my first Stitch and Bitch session which is taking place at the Print House in Prescot, Merseyside (6 till 8pm if anybody wants to join us). I know a few of my friends dont know what to expect from the session so I will explain. Stitch and Bitch is where a group of people get together with their latest knitting projects and have a knit and a natter. It is an opportunity to discuss what you are working on at the moment and if required ask for help.

Anybody who needs a project please feel free to ring me and discuss your knitting ability and I will hopefully be able to suggest something suitable - 07906 341671 - alternatively you can check out the website for the latest patterns and yarns. http://www.knitsinthecity.co.uk/

I look forward to seeing you at the session.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Its nearly Summer - out comes the nautical trend again.

I have just been reading through this weeks Grazia and as summer approaches it seems that the nautical theme is raising its head again. They have highlighted a Reiss Dress - which I must admit I really like - I have a thing for stripes - it must be really new out as its not shown on the website yet! Anyway this got me thinking about knitting projects that stand the test of time.

I love fashion but as we are all aware it changes almost daily, so its nice to see a style that you can redo each year and looks good on all ages.

Rowan have a nautical themed studio book - Rowan Studio Issue Ten. This book has 8 nautical themed projects. For the more experienced knitters out there there is a cabled tank top which I have completed and always gets positive comments about when I wear it. (pic top left).

For the beginner the classic cardigan is a good option - especially if made in navy or white.

Check out the http://www.knitsinthecity.co.uk/ for more information.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Is there anybody out there??

So I got round to downloading the pictures of The Grand National from last Friday.

I think we all look great - but this was at the start of the day..... To be honest we all looked exactly the same that evening - it was a really fun day although also a really long day. Next year we are going to get a table in one of the stands so that we can eat, sit down and enjoy the races in comfort. Does that last statement mean that I am getting old??

I was going to post pics of the best and worst outfits of the day but the press have done this to death. So instead I am going to take this opportunity to advise everybody of the Stitch and Bitch group that I am setting up in Prescot.

The group will meet every Tuesday at the Print House in Prescot 6.00pm till 8.00pm. Everybody is welcome - just bring your knitting along and have a chat with like minded individuals. If you need a project I can advise you on the latest yarns/patterns depending upon your experience levels. Dont forget to check out the website http://www.knitsinthecity.co.uk/

Hopefully people are actually reviewing this blog - if not dont worry I have sent you all e-mails to let you know about the group. Hope to see you there next week when we have our first session 14th April 2009.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Recovering - Ladies Day

Well I am up and about - great day at the races. Came home relatively early for me last night was tucked up in bed for 11.00pm but had been busy since 9.00am. I didnt have any winners but did drink lots of champagne.

Took some pics but havent downloaded them yet. Its such a nice day I am going to see my own horse who had to have the vet yesterday - she has got a bit of a rash - following some fly bites. I love the good weather but my poor horse is plagued by midges.

Anyway as always there were some fantastic outfits at the races but similarly there were some truly horrendous ones. Will update you more later. Enjoy todays sunshine. I will be staying in tonight - and will try to make some progress on my knitting.

Current Project - shown in above picture - Anemone - Rowan Magazine 45 - cotton glace - I have completed the back and am now on the front. Is very interesting to do but is not a quick knit. The yarn is lovely.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

First Day Up and Running

Well yesterday was my first day of trading and thanks to a few great friends we got off to a flying start. If business continues like this I will be a very happy knitter.

Jo has started her very first project and rather than breaking herself in gently she has gone for a full on Rowan Cocoon Pattern - Gigi by Sarah Hatton - moss stitch and stocking stitch. She is doing a fantastic job so far.

Sue has gone for a Baby Knits for Beginners book and yarn to produce a hat. Hazel is making a blanket for her very first grandchild and Candice is taking on two new projects - one for fathers day so cant say too much - might ruin the surprise and the Driftwood Mulgrave in Rowan Cotton Glace - this is one of our best sellers.

I am hoping the girls will update us regularly on their progress.

I am working hard to get pattern selections for each book onto the website. Its not difficult but is time consuming so please bear with me. I am also planning my outfit for Ladies Day at Aintree tomorrow. My blog picture may be changing in the next couple of days. I am going to take my camera and take a few pics of the outfits. Watch this space......

Welcome to Knits in the City

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