Friday, 25 September 2009

Just a Quicky

Haven't blogged for a while have been busy with advertising!! - There is a lot to be said for working for a large organisation where you have specific departments for certain tasks. One of these would be marketing. Its the artwork. I am not great at it. Will get better though. Will have to as there is only me to do everything at the moment.

When I am a household name I will have staff to assist me............dreaming the meantime I need to unpack some new stocks.

Have you seen the Rowan Greatest Knits that is due into stock any day now. Well it is a collection of 30 patterns from the last 30 years. Second row down right hand image is the first Rowan garment I ever made in Rowan yarn. I used to buy the patterns and use cheaper yarn to make the items. For this jumper I used the correct yarn in exactly the same colours as shown. It turned out fantastically and I kept the sweater for years until it became bally and unwearable. I loved it so much I am going to make it again when I get the book. Another lovely book that has just come in is Debbie Bliss Tips for Knitters - at £7.99 I think it makes the ideal Christmas present for a knitter.

The new Debbie Bliss Mag is also in stock finally and has been selling like hot cakes. Some people on Ravelry have said that its not as good as previous mags but I particularly like the Union Jack Cushion and the Dog Bed........ Makes a change to make something like this. Or is it because I am patriotic??
Brendalyn going well (that's my latest project) would like more time to knit but there is work to be done.
Not so much of a quicky after all.
Coffee calling............

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Hang Over Cures

Yes I am hung over. I have done everything to try and get rid of it.

I have been to a One Day Event in Somerford where my friend was riding and have eaten everything available.

Cereal for BFast - Good. Then drove to the event - sausage barm - oops!, Double Whammy ice cream rum and raisin and honeycomb, a pound (yes a pound) of home made fudge various flavours - my fave was Turkish Delight - OMG sugar overload. Needed something savory then to counteract the sugar - Large Quarter Pounder Meal - Diet Coke (I am a saint) followed by a mint aero Mc Flurry.

House needs vacuuming - too full to even consider this so I have had a play on the comp instead and have found this free pattern that is on the Rowan Website. Think I will make some bunnies - maybe that will cure the hangover, or maybe a Chinese mmmmmm.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Burghley Over for another year - Boo! Winter Knitting - Yeah

Well I'm back from Burghley. Had a great weekend - just finished all of the washing!!

The weather was great - dry and not too hot. The event was very exciting this year - Oliver Townsend won (probably doesn't mean anything to the none horsey peeps out there). He has now won Badminton and Burghley - If he wins at Kentucky he will match Pippa Funnels achievement of the grand slam!!

So that is it for the big events for another year so onwards and upwards - lets get knitting for Christmas. Is it too early to sneak in a pic of Santa yet?? Well we have to plan as we all know knitting takes time, its not as easy as shopping, wrapping, giving. It involves, planning, shopping, making (with love) wrapping and giving - and if your lucky they actually like it!
I have made a couple of things so far. One for a 40th, one for a present - cant say what or who they are for in case they read the blog. I am working on a felted bag - yes I know I have been doing it for a while but other things have cropped up. It is drying as we speak in the garden as it is actually a nice day today.

The pattern is "Netherly Satchel" in the Rowan 46 Magazine and says to use Cocoon. As this was an experiment I opted to use Freedom 100% Wool. It is less expensive - it took 20 balls!! Yes 20 balls of the wool and has turned out a bit bigger than the Rowan one - I have washed twice trying to shrink that is why it is drying again. I like it though and will use it when finished - all I have to do now it put the base on and line - thinking a funky orange to match the fair isle patterns.

One of my on line customers Jobo - has sent through a pic of her finished garment - Cardigan made in Rowan Purelife Organic 4ply cotton. She has made a fabulous job on this item. Hope you all agree.
Don't forget to send through your finished items and I will showcase them for you on this blog. Also don't be shy add to add comments please - I know people are reading my blurb but either I am too boring to comment on or you have nothing to say (and I cant believe that as I know a lot of you personally).

Have now got the new Louisa Harding Queen of Hearts in stock again. Sold out of my first batch very quickly - a great buy at £7.50.
The fingerless gloves look a must for Christmas presents - Oh no I am off again. I think I am getting obsessed.
Now back to my red hat with pom pom!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

End of Month.......

When you are running your own business no matter how small there are certain tasks that need to be undertaken at the end of each month. These tasks are not difficult but they are time consuming so I apologise about not adding a blog after last nights S&B.

Not a big turn out last night. People returning to school (as staff not pupils), going to see Harry Potter before it is off the big screen, illness, having their car stolen!! and other legitimate excuses. There were 10 of us last night but we were as loud as ever.

Ausie Ann has been creating a wool mountain - she has bought so much yarn off me lately she must be doing most of Santas knitting for him.

I have become hooked on scarves - it wont last long but for the knitting group they are very handy to work on. They are getting more and more intricate too. I am usually a cable or fairisle girl but this lace stuff has grabbed me. Saying that I have just completed Hoy from Rowan 46 and it turned out well. Made from Felted Tweed Chunky didnt take long to knit up at all.

The pockets are as shown on the pattern but I think they are a bit
high for a man - probably just too trendy for the men I know!!!

Business has been very brisk - Little Cake by Louisa Harding and Precious by Kim Hargreaves have sold really well as have the new Louisa Harding Yarns, Thistle and Willow Tweed. If you are looking for a stylish knit to treat yourself these books are great. They also make great coffee table books or fantastic gifts.

Dont forget to send me pics of your finished garments so I can post them on this blog.

I am off to Burghley Horse Trials tomorrow for 4 days, lets hope the weather is dry. I can cope with cold or hot but wet is just a pain. They have great stalls there and I always end up buying something totally impractical but what the heck...... You only live once.
Speak to you all next week.