Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More - yes thats right - More Stock!!!

I seem to have gone mad!! The thought of Autumn/Winter yarns and all sense of reason has left me. Over the last month I have been getting carried away with all the new lovely yarns out there and suddenly they have all appeared at my house......

It looks like the invasion of the woolombies (x between wool and zombies). Every where I turn there is a pile of wool smiling at me. Whilst I eat my dinner, watch the TV even when I go to bed.

Silly me - when I decided to start the business I though a small bedroom with racking would be plenty of room for storage with the other small bedroom as an office. Wrong Wrong Wrong!

The plan is to convert the cellar but that will take wonga which I am short of at the moment as it is all tied up in this lovely stock. Now I love wool as much as the next knitter but sharing every room in your house with it is well you know.

I am sending out orders daily but it looks like whilst I am asleep the wool is multiplying - instead of Jackadoodles I will soon be overrun with Woolrussels. Although Talulah has an aversion to anything wooly and she has been spayed anyway.

Wow that really was a rant but I feel better now.

Knitting anyone?

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I have attached a picture of a baby hat that Candice made last night. It is from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss and is made of Baby Cashmerino. It is really cute, what makes this post different is that Candice is NOT a baby person!!! I love the way it has turned out though. She is making the sandles from Blankets Bears and Bootees (Debbie Bliss again) next. Cant wait to see how they turn out.

Have had a bit of an issue with paypal - they changed code on their payment site but didnt tell other websites to amend their code, thus my paypal was out of action for a few days. Everything is back to normal now - phew!! Orders are now arriving and I am making a dint in all the new Autumn Winter Stocks.

Speak soon.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Louisa Harding Launch of Little Cake

Another busy week.... As you know Tuesday is our Stitch and Bitch night so I was busy trying to get the new products onto the website - have failed miserably as other things keep cropping up. I am however determined to give the website a good going over today......Thus I am writing on the blog??

That aside I am still contemplating the Louisa Harding launch I attended on Tuesday. I loved the garments and the new book Little Cake. The pics are on the site. Yarn requirements being added as soon as poss.

The book uses two new yarns - Willow Tweed which knits as a DK and Thistle which is Aran weight. Part of Louisa's (I can call her Louisa now without giving her her full title as we have actually met) charm is that the patterns are very feminine and a contrast to the New Rowan 46 magazine look, i.e. the designs are not bulky walk the dog type products. I have started to make the Pikenaze Scarf in Willow Tweed (picture below) as a sample to show the knitting group next week. It is a lovely project and only takes two balls of the yarn. I think the scarf makes a fantastic Christmas present so I think I will be making a few for my friends this year.

The book - well wow what can I say. The photography is fab - there is a conversation with Louisa running through the book and each garment has that "I want to make it/own it" factor. Some people buy Recipe Books and dream about making the dishes. I love to read patterns and imagine that I have made the garments. I really would recommend this book - it is fantastic value at £7.50 yes thats right £7.50!!! Can you believe it? 26 beautiful patterns for £7.50.

One of the ladies in our S&B is a big Louisa Harding fan but thought that she wasnt experienced enough to tackle one of the projects from the 2009 S/S Nouveau book. I convinced her that she would be fine and she has just completed Anouk. Pictured here with my dog and at home.
I hope you agree with me she has made a fantastic job of this garment - she is now making Odette - this is her first attempt at knitting on the round and also incorporating the fairisle technique.
I love it when people are ambitious as they get such a fantastic sense of achievement when they complete their projects.
If you are a member of Ravelry you might be aware of the Louisa Harding Lovers group. There has been a forum discussing how age appropriate Louisa's garments are. Sue is no longer a teenager and the garment looks stunning on her.
Thats all for now. Better update the website so that you can all get on and buy a copy of this fantastic book.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

New New New

I have received lots of new publications and yarns this week in preparation for a busy Autum/Winter. Check out the website for listings but please bear with me it takes time to upload everything.

I was trying to think of titles to recommend but I seem to love them all as much as each other.

I do love the Lima Yarn - It knits up bouncy!! I know it sounds daft but trust me.

I also love the new Debbie Bliss - Blankets, Bears and Booties - not because I am broody just coz the stuff is so cute.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Not Smug today just Shattered.

Last night Mel from the Stitch and Bitch session came around to the house to get some yarn. I took her into the storeroom and looked at my stash with somebody elses eyes. The room was a mess and I was truly embarrassed.

This morning I had a delivery from Coates - Patons Eco Chunky Wool (£3.25 for 50g) and Patons Shadow Tweed Chunky (£5.10 for 100g) both beautiful yarns - full colour ranges available. Anyway there was no room to put the yarns away. So I sit here a lather of sweat after rearranging the full store room. It looks that good now that I feel like taking a picture I am so proud of myself - I wont though as I am expecting a very large order from Designer Yarns later this week of Debbie Bliss Fez, Baby Cashmerino, Alpaca Silk Aran and Luxury Tweed Aran and will need to squeeze these items in some how.

I have plans to convert my cellar and also to have the loft changed into a room but like everything it is all down to money.

Check out the website for the new yarns and patterns - I really love them hope you do too.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Boy do I feel Smug!!

What do you think of these two little beauties?? I am feeling a bit proud of myself.

Pic 1 is Brea from the Rowan Lima Collection - If you are going to make something for the autumn this is a great pattern and a fabulous yarn.

Pic 2 is Trista (Talulah wanted to be in the pic) from the Rowan Classic Winter Solace Book. I have never used Alpaca Cotton before so when I was asked to knit this garment up for a client I jumped at the chance.

Click on the pics to get a closer look. Both patterns were fab to do and I cant help raving about the finished articles.

Comments please.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Well Done Lyndsey (and Margaret)

Woo Hoo - Lyndsey (with a little help from Nan Margaret) has finished her very first knitted project. She has done a fantastic Job and looks great in it. She is now knitting a couple of Tea Cosies. One for herself as she has just moved into a new place and one for a friend. It is great when a complete beginner can create such a lovely item. I am soooo proud!!!

I have been in Windsor this weekend visiting a friend I met over 20 years ago in Australia. He is Canadian and we have kept in touch over the years. I have visited him in the US a couple of times and went to his wedding in Toronto 13 years ago. It was great to see him and his family again. He has two beautiful children a stunning wife and a Mum who I can adopt me any time she likes. I am exhausted now but it was a great weekend.

I have also received my commissioned necklace from Daisy Chain Designs Jewelry. I love it. I will take a pic of me wearing it and post for you all to see. Thanks Jo you have done a stirling (ha ha) job.

I have to go to bed now as I will need to catch up on some knitting (yeah) and paper work (boo) tomorrow.