Thursday, 30 July 2009

My first attempt at Felting

OK - so here it is - my first attempt at felting. It is a very interesting craft as you don't actually know what the finished item is going to look like.

I have learnt that I should pull into shape for drying - I just laid the bag flat and it dried a bit like an envelope.

I also learnt that just because you can knit it doesn't make you arty. The flower needs more artistic flair than I have at the moment but I can always work on it.

Post any comments good or bad, you all know that I am thick skinned.

When Knitting becomes an obsession


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stitch and Bitch 28.7.09

I thought I would post a quick update about last nights Stitch and Bitch - We had two new Members, Mel and Debs which was great, Jen (DQKnits) also came down. We haven't seen her for a while so that was nice.
Unfortunately Aussie Anne and Kerry couldn't make it as they have been attacked by the Oink Oink Flu. Scottie Anne was also unwell and was missed.
Candice and Jo were settling in the horses as they have now moved into Candice's new stables and are happy little Gee Gees.
Lyndsey has almost (ALMOST!!) finished her project and is desperate to get onto the Tea Cosie - Poor Margaret (Lindsey's Nan) is getting the job of sewing up the project. Its OK though as Lyndsey has an excuse - all rhyme and reason has left her being as she has found a new bloke. She is even considering making him a scarf......... Must be love!
I am pictured above sporting my latest creation. It is from the Gedifra Highlights 092 book and made from Gedifra Yarn Antiga which is 34% Acrylic, 30% Polyamide, 18% Mohair and 18% Wool. The garment knitted up in about 4 hours. I like the shoulders as they look as though they have shoulder pads in and the don't, I have got big shoulders but it wasn't all me either - it was where the sleeves joined it gave a great effect. Must admit though this is a winter garment and even though it was chilly last night I was far too hot. Check out the Rosy cheeks. Will put it away now till October. Sometimes I just cant wait to show things off when they are done. What a poser!!
Went to see "The Proposal" - chick flick with Sandra Bullock on Monday night - recommended for a night out with the girls. Looking forward to Coco before Channel next.
Will post a pic of my completed felted bag tomorrow - I am currently working on the Netherley Satchel from the new Rowan 46 Magazine. Although I am making it in Freedom Wool (100& chunky wool about a third of the price of Rowan Cocoon) - If the prototype works well I will invest in the Cocoon version.
Have a great week.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Gedifra - Done (do I sound like Gordon Ramsey?)

Well I completed the Gedifra Videra Sweater last night.
Its a small so I couldn't model it myself, had to wait for Jo to call around to show it off.
The yarn is fantastic to work with and knits up really quickly - This jumper took 2 nights, approx 6 hours of knitting. I do knit fast especially if I like the yarn.
I would definitely recommend this yarn (and the pattern).
Hope Lisa (who I have made it for) likes it as much as I do.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

And the Dolls Name IS......drum roll please

KITC. (Knits in the City) pronounced KITSE. No we're not that sharp - dont worry you wont cut yourself.

I have had some pics back of finished Garments - The pic shown is Jo who is the force behind Jo made this waiscoat using Freedom Gorgeous Yarn, I am looking forward to seeing her other garment which is made from Baby Cashmerino - one of my favourite yarns of all time. I almost forgot Jo is also making another Freedom Gorgeous garment - the long line tunic.

Don't forget to check out Jo's website she has got a sale on at the moment.

For all of you who know me - you will know that jewellery is one of my weaknesses - especially stuff which is a bit different from the norm. I have purchased the daisy cuff and earings and am having a necklace made in the same design. You will see the pieces on the site.

Had a very productive day today but cant believe it is almost time for Big Bro..... that means an hour of knitting!! Have nearly finished the Gedifra jumper in Videra (yellow jumper on last blog). The yarn has been brilliant to work with and looks better in real life than the pics in the Pattern Book.

Gedifra, Gedifra, Gedifra

Wow - Have received the Gedifra Patterns and some of the Yarns and have had lots of orders for the mags. I suppose people will want to peruse the mags before buying the yarn - but not some customers..........

I have had two orders to knit garments. The pics above are from the magazine. I will model the finished garments when ready..... watch this space.
The new Rowan Mag 46 is now in stock if anybody needs a copy - the yarns are due in early August.

Also Now in Stock - Wendy Viva, Origin, Happy and Skye plus new colours of Freedom Spirit and Wool with supporting patterns - will be on the website by the weekend.

Due in any day - Patons Eco Chunky Wool and Shadow Tweed with supporting patterns.
Its all go.
Any feedback on the Gedifra products - let me know.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Not a self portrait!

Well here she is........ Less Sex in the City more the Bride of Chucky.
I had some bits of spare wool so I created....................... Needs a name.
I will bring her with me to the Stitch and Bitch session tonight and we can come up with a name. Lets hope she doesnt get drunk and show us up - shes already a bit wobbly on her legs!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Finished Anemone From Rowan Mag 45

At last!!!! I have actually finished the Anemone Cardi that I started back in May. The truth is I got a bit bored with it.

If you don't know me I get bored if a pattern is too easy and this one was a bit of a challenge at first as it is intarsia but once the pattern got into your head it was quite boring. I do like the way that the Rowan Cotton Glace hangs although it was difficult to keep neat whilst making up. This is by far my bug bear. If I could pay a super duper finisher to sew up my garment I would.

If anybody else wants to make this garment one piece of advice - put 6 buttons on the garment not the 4 that is recommended I just think it would look better.

Please ignore the hair - I was having a bad hair day.............

Talking of hair - I am in the process of knitting up a Knits in the City doll to be our mascot - I am fashioning her on the website drawing. The only thing is the hair is very difficult to do..... Will post her pic when I have finished. We need to give her a name... Any suggestions??

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

S&B Update - Baby Dress in Cashmerino

Just thought I would let you all take a look at Sue's finished project. It is a beautiful baby dress by Debbie Bliss in Baby Cashmerino.
Everyone in the group has been very impressed with this garment but the oohing and aahing still doesn't make me want one (a baby that is). Haileys baby Isla is as cute as a button - lovely to cuddle for half an hour or so but wouldn't want to have one full time. However I wouldn't mind one about 5 - cause then it can ride a pony!!
Had another new member to the group last night - Val - I hope she felt welcomed by us all although it wasn't a large group. Tracy was watching Madonna in concert, Jo and Candice were picking up a parrot!! Lyndsey and Margaret were in town watching a play, Louise was playing with Mark, Yinners is back in Manchester out of term time and Aussie Anne and Jen have gone missing in action. I have had an enquiry from another two ladies who will be joining us next week so we should be back into double figures every week.
I am looking forward to seeing a few finished garments from my website customers soon. Will post the pics as and when they come in. You never know it might give us inspiration to try something new.
See you all Next Tuesday.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

WOW What a Week!!

Sometimes you are just rushed off your feet and you cant explain why.......

Well I have had one of those weeks. So this is just a quick note to let you know of my July Special offers.

Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton 4ply and DK - RRP £4.50 Now £3.50 whilst stocks last
All of the Spring Summer 09 Stock - no discontinued colours all from the brand new ranges.
Colours available -

4ply - Natural 451
4ply - Brazilwood 756
4ply - Cherry Plum 761
4ply - Chlorophyl 753
4ply - Madder 755
4ply - Med Indigo 758
4ply - Oak Bark759
4ply - Quebracho
4ply - Rhubarb 760
4ply - Yellowwood 752

DK - Brazilwood 982
DK - Chlorophyl 992
DK - Madder 980
DK - Med Indigo 994
DK - Rhubarb 996
DK - Yellowwood 984

If you are intersted please order quickly as we have limited stocks.

Free Debbie Bliss Spring/Summer Mag with all Debbie Bliss Yarn or Book Orders.

Happy Shopping - will update blog soon.