Monday, 29 June 2009

Husbands - I couldnt eat a whole one!

Husbands, I suppose you have got to love them especially when they actually wear what you have made for them.

Pictures are of Cecil - he belongs to Candice a member of our stitch and bitch group. She has recently made this waistcoat (Rowan Mag 45) in summer tweed. I am very impressed with the finished article but even more impressed that Cecil is actually wearing it!!! He does look good - although the hand on the hip is a bit of a 60s model pose. Next time he will be looking at his watch.......

At the recent Rowan day the organisers commented that the nicest thing you could do for a loved one is make them a garment... I do agree with this but you have to be very careful that you make the right garment. Some of the younger members of our Stitch and Bitch group have decided that they will make their partners/boyfriends/manfriends scarves or sweaters for the autumn..... We are looking forward to the new yarns coming in. Seems a bit crazy talking about this when it is a sweltering 30 degrees outside.

Anyway enough blogging for now. Congratulations Candice - a job well done.
Special note for Cecil - "Looking Good Baby".

Thursday, 25 June 2009

I have actually started designing!!!!

Well its official - I started my Knits in the City at Home book today.

I have designed - wait for it - I know your desperate to know.............. An egg cosy!

Well I had to start somewhere and it is only chapter one. Getting started. What is easier than an egg cosy? Dont say a scarf!

I had to stop my creative flow as I had a visit from the DB rep and have ordered some great yarns for Autumn/Winter.

I especially love the Alpaca Silk Aran (80% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk) and the Donegal Luxury Tweed ( 85% Wool 15% Angora). Another new yarn is FEZ (85% Extrafine Merino 15% Camel). All priced at £4.95 which is quite reasonable I think. All knit up as Aran.

I have also ordered all of the new books including the Big Easy and FEZ, all due in August as is the DB Autumn/Winter Magazine a must for all Knits in the City clients.

The new colours are lovely - I love the changes in season - I am drifting again. Anyway whilst the sun is out I am going to walk the dog and ride the horse. Will design my next project tonight and promise to keep you all informed.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Stitch and Bitch on Tuesday

Hi everybody,

I am back into the groove now following the holiday.

Hope to see you all at S&B tomorrow night.


Friday, 19 June 2009

Designing Stuff, Writing a Book, Knitting - Which One First?

I am sitting here like Carrie in Sex in the City. Writers (no scrap that) Knitters Block!!

I have so many ideas throughout the day on how to progress the business that I should start writing them down. Todays ideas included - Create a book of knitting patterns for dog owners to knit, write a book which teaches people how to knit with specific projects in it - each one a little bit more difficult than the next which provides the user with the skills to create a garment. Design kits for children. Look at designing - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Marketing, Accounts, Admin the list gets longer and longer and I get embroiled in thinking and do not actually do much doing. Oh almost forgot - Create a line of felted bags.......

I am now pondering whether other people have this problem or is it only me.

I have been perusing Ravelry and have decided that I am not alone. There are lots of people with many projects on the go at once, surely they are experiencing the same type of issues as me. I am calling it brain overload and have decided that I need to prioritise.........

1. Finish off all summer projects before day dreaming about what I am going to make this autumn/winter. Did I mention that I am going to stock the new Gedifra range this Autumn/Winter. The patterns are very on trend (Wow now I even sound like Carrie).

2. Spend max on 1 hour per day on Ravelry, Surfing, Blogging (Almost impossible I hear you cry - I agree)

3. Work on 1 book at a time - Knits in the City - Step by Step. Followed by Knits in the City - Fashion for Paws (fauxpas) OK I know the titles arent up to much yet but I am only in the planning stages. 2 hours every other day

4. Work on Felting Bag Patterns - 1 hour per day

5. Admin - 1 hour per day.

So that is 4 - 5 hours accounted for - must also walk the dog, ride the horse, clean the house, eat, wash and iron clothes (without doubt the worst job in the world) and then actually do some knitting.

I did say at the beginning that this was knitters block not writers block. You would think that just coming back of holiday I would be chilled and raring to go. Maybe I need to give myself time to get back into the groove.

Shopping for shoes tomorrow - Carrie would be proud!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Im Back

Just a quick Hi to you all to say that I am back from Spain.

Don't worry I am not going to post any pictures of me looking super slim and tanned in my bikini on the blog (there aren't any).

I have really enjoyed the week away but am now 5lb heavier than when I went, brown - the weather was fantastic and very tired. (No more Sangria or alcohol of any sort for a couple of weeks).

I will get back in the the Knits in the City world tomorrow but for now I am off to sleep in my own bed....... Luxury.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Its a Girl!!!!!

Great News everybody Hailey has given birth to a 7.7lb baby Girl - Isla Joy.
I am going to go in today sometime to see her. Good job I have finished the cardigan!
I will post a pic when I get one.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Finished Ruths Jacket

Hi just thought I would all let you know that I do actually complete things from time to time.

I have finished a jacket for my friend Ruth. Hope she likes it. Looks better in real life. Was quite time consuming because of the laced edges. Let me know what you think.
Also if you have any pics that you would like to add to my blog - let me know.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

We grow and grow in numbers .......

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to thank the new knitters for joining our Stitch and Bitch session last night. We grow in numbers almost every week now which is fantastic. Obviously coming into the holiday season we have people that can not make every session but I am so pleased that it hasn't fallen flat on its face. I really enjoy the couple of hours we get together and hope that the newbies, Kerry and Yin Yin, felt welcomed by all.

I am away for a week so will not be at the session on the 16th but I hope that everybody still meets. The progress that people make are making is really encouraging - especially the new knitters, Jo, Tracey, Lyndsey and Louise you are all doing exceptionally well and I feel rather proud of you. Hope that didn't sound condescending.

No pics this week - forgot the camera last night, but I look forward to some finished garments being displayed soon.

Have a great week knitting and I will see you all on the 9th.