Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Louisa Harding Books and Yarns

Trying to keep my promise to blog more often...

Infact cant really keep this to myself as I am so excited..............

The new range of Louisa Harding Booklets arrived mid Feb and have been selling like hot cakes. (Not Little Cake - see what I did there - if not its a bit of an in joke)

The books use the beautiful yarns Mulberry Silk, Merletto and Albero. All of the new shades are in stock.
A new Book - Louisa Harding Chinoiserie is due into stock in the next 2 weeks. This book features two new yarns - Aimee (90% cotton and 10% cashmere) DK weight - 12 gorgeous shades and Fleuris (70% bamboo and 30% wool) Aran weight - 13 shades. Check out the website to see pics of the contents and yarns which will all be available from

I am a real Louisa Harding fan - I love the way her garments are shaped to flatter the figure. I am looking forward to making a couple of things from the book for myself.
I am still working on, what shall always be referred to as the "fresian cow" at the moment - actually only cast on on Wednesday but am half way up the left front. It is turning out well and as it is colourwork (my fave) I am not bored with it at all.
I am however bored with the Revive project I am working on - Cardoon. I know the garment is going to be great when finished and very wearable but it is ribbing and we what can I say its ribbing....Yawn... dozes off at the mere mention of the word. If anybody is having trouble sleeping I recommend making this garment. Really there is only so much Knit 3 Purl 3 anybody can take.
On the other hand if you are a beginner and want to make a nicely shaped cardi - I would also recommend this.
Other yarns which are flying off the shelves at the moment are - Gedifra Barina and Amara. These have been really popular and I am guessing that they will continue to be popular right through the summer.
Will blog again soon but just had a call from a friend who wants a good gossip - so signing off.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

WOW How long has it been?

wCant believe I havent blogged since before Christmas!!

Seems a bit late to do the "How was your Christmas?" and "Happy New Year" so I will skip it. The reason for the lack of blogs has been the volume of sales and the amount of new stocks coming in.
OK so here is the rundown.

New into stock - Rowan Magazine No. 47, Rowan Casual Classics (best seller at the moment), Rowan Summer Crochet, Rowan Miniature Classics, Rowan Kids, Rowan Recycled Collection (Revive Yarn) and Rowan 18 - check out the website for further information.
Gedifra Moments 217, 218 and Highlights 101 including 4 new yarns Barina, Jalia, Fiorista Fino and Satata

Debbie Bliss New Additions - Amalfi book and yarn - Eco Baby book and yarn - both lovely additions to the DB Stable. The Eco Baby knits up like Baby Cashmerino so there is fantastic pattern support for this yarn and as you know I like eco yarns!!

I am now stocking the Mirasol range of yarns including two newbies. Lachiwa (60% pima cotton and 40% linen) which is already selling well even without pattern support - the patterns are due in by the end of the month and Wachi (85% pima cotton and 15% silk). Hacho is flying off the shelves. I wasnt sure about this yarn when I saw it on the skein but knitted up it looks fabulous.
Two new Noro Yarns are due in any day now Taiyo and Furin. These yarns are featured in the new publications including Catwalk 2 one of my favourite Noro Books.

I hope you have all seen the articles in the magazines. Knits in the City did the 5 minute interview with Lets Knit and also did Top Knits in the Knitting Magazine recently. The knitting group is going to be featured in The Knitter in issue 17 or 18.
I just have to submit the pics, garments and write up about the members. Keep an eye out for it.
I hadnt had many pics of finished garments and then a couple came through.
Pic 1. is Margaret Whyte (from Ireland) in Miss Marple - Margaret and I did a knit along for this garment made in Louisa Harding Willow Tweed (nice yarn) I think Margaret made a fantastic job of this.

Pic 2. is Annette Harrison (from Staffordshire) in Sixties Jacket in Gedifra Videra. The sleeves on this garment are crochet and I think the look is very effective.
I have just agreed to stock Designer Knitting (was Vogue Knitting) at the request of one of my customers and have got to say I love it. The magazine comes out each quarter and I have just received the winter copy. The pics attached show one of the stories from the mag - Traditional - and I have decided to make the third cardigan in for the Races this year (that it the Grand National to those people who arent local to Liverpool) It is one of the annual girls get togethers and everybody dresses to impress. I usually do a posh frock, high heels and hat but this year I am going to try a Katherine Hepburn look. Will keep you posted on the progress. One of my so called friends recons I will look like a fresian cow in this cardigan - well what can I say - some of us can carry it off and others ............... nuff said.
Wow once I get blogging I can stop!! Didnt make a new years resolution as I dont tend to keep to them. Loosing Weight - HA! Going to the Gym HA HA!! But I am going to try (no promises as I would hate to let you all down) to blog more regularly.
Hope to hear from you all soon with orders for some fantastic projects for Spring Summer.