Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dressage Local Championships

Well this should make you laugh.

Me and my horse (Treacle - show name Reynard)

have qualified for a local Dressage Championships that will take place at Aintree. So for the next few weeks I will be trying to learn Novice 38 (that is the test that I have to perform).

Sounds easy - well not for me - in my old age I seem to have developed a loss of memory. Dressage tests are made up of a number of movements that you have to perform on your horse (a bit like figure skating although you don't jump into the air and do a triple salko unless you are really unlucky) so you have to learn these movements and perform them in a set routine.
When we were younger (that's the horse and I) we were OK at this but after my many accidents (broken neck, splintered hip and broken leg) I am a bit stiffer and Treacle who is also ageing is stiffening up too.

I will be quite happy if we remember the test, Treacle doesn't decide to stop for a Pooh and the Lady in the canteen doesn't decide to make a round of Cappuccinos when I am on my way into the ring. So keep your fingers crossed that we make it round in one piece, without any errors and that we don't come last..........
On a knitting note - I have almost finished off Miss Marple - hee hee - well who doesn't want to finish her off? Miss Marple is a sweater that was featured in The Knitter Issue 11 I think. I am doing it as a KAL with one of my customers. Just finishing off - should be done by the weekend.
I have completed Featherbed a hat from the Louisa Harding Little Cake Book. Its for a present so I didn't make it too slouchy - used some Kashmir Aran that I had left over and think that it has turned out OK. I have to use the bear as a model as there wasn't anybody available to take my pic in it. He looks better in it anyway.
I think I might make a few more for presents. Off to finish off Miss Marple now!! Small things really do amuse me.

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