Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Night!!!

Its Bonfires and Fireworks everywhere tonight and typically it is raining. I am obviously indoors try to keep my neurotic dog quiet. She has been whining for 3 hours solid and keeps landing slap bang in my lap at the most unfortunate moments - whilst trying to drinking a super hot cup of coffee and more importantly whilst blogging.

I was advised to ignore her yelps and to encourage her to play but she is not having any of it. When I send her in search of the stringy (toy) she just does a few laps like a panther about to strike and then starts whining again...........

Had a visit from the Designer Yarns rep today and have taken delivery of two new Noro Books.

Both are really lovely - sometimes I think the Noro designs are a bit antwacky (unfashionable for those who don't speak fluent scouse). But these two books are great value at £7.50 - the designs on the cover say it all.

If anybody hasn't met the members of the Prescot Stitch and Bitch a picture of the crew is shown below. This isn't all the members but just a select few.......

I have finished off a few items lately - haven't been able to take pics of them all but the bag - yes the bag that caused a few issues - how to sew together etc. is finished!!!! Hip Hip

It isn't too bad is it? The Pudsey Bear is for the Wine Bar where we have our Stitch and Bitch Sessions - they are having a charity night. Not my best work but hopefully he will help them raise some money for children in need.

Just shouted at the dog and she is sulking. Have a great Bommy Night.

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