Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Louisa Harding Books and Yarns

Trying to keep my promise to blog more often...

Infact cant really keep this to myself as I am so excited..............

The new range of Louisa Harding Booklets arrived mid Feb and have been selling like hot cakes. (Not Little Cake - see what I did there - if not its a bit of an in joke)

The books use the beautiful yarns Mulberry Silk, Merletto and Albero. All of the new shades are in stock.
A new Book - Louisa Harding Chinoiserie is due into stock in the next 2 weeks. This book features two new yarns - Aimee (90% cotton and 10% cashmere) DK weight - 12 gorgeous shades and Fleuris (70% bamboo and 30% wool) Aran weight - 13 shades. Check out the website to see pics of the contents and yarns which will all be available from

I am a real Louisa Harding fan - I love the way her garments are shaped to flatter the figure. I am looking forward to making a couple of things from the book for myself.
I am still working on, what shall always be referred to as the "fresian cow" at the moment - actually only cast on on Wednesday but am half way up the left front. It is turning out well and as it is colourwork (my fave) I am not bored with it at all.
I am however bored with the Revive project I am working on - Cardoon. I know the garment is going to be great when finished and very wearable but it is ribbing and we what can I say its ribbing....Yawn... dozes off at the mere mention of the word. If anybody is having trouble sleeping I recommend making this garment. Really there is only so much Knit 3 Purl 3 anybody can take.
On the other hand if you are a beginner and want to make a nicely shaped cardi - I would also recommend this.
Other yarns which are flying off the shelves at the moment are - Gedifra Barina and Amara. These have been really popular and I am guessing that they will continue to be popular right through the summer.
Will blog again soon but just had a call from a friend who wants a good gossip - so signing off.

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