Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Annual Blog!! - No I'm Not Joking

I havent blogged for ages hence the title.  I have been working on the business and also doing some contract IT work so something had to give.  Sorry........

Enough whining!!  I have just got the new Rowan Magazine 52 into stock and will be putting the yarn requirements onto my website this evening.  I always get really excited when this book arrives as I can start planning my Autumn Winter Projects.  

The Noro Magazine has sold really well.  Some of the yarns are not available in the UK but they can be substituted with UK Noro yarns no problem.  The subs are

Advertised          Alternative

Shiraito              Kirara

Karuta               Kama or Kogorashi

Nadeshiko          Kama or Kogorashi

Debbie Bliss has 2 brand new yarns this year.  Blue Face Leicester Aran - with supporting patterns 

and Winter Garden.  The yarns an book contents have been added to the website - take a look by clicking on the links.

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