Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Have been rubbish at Blogging this year. But on the flip side have been too busy to blog!!

I will be posting a list of special offers on Boxing Day so keep your eye out for a bargain. I think we could all do with saving a bit after the expense of Christmas, the looming VAT increase and also to have someting to knit during this terrible weather.

I admit that the snow looks very festive but it makes working and Christmas preps take longer than anticipated, not to mention the delays in deliveries.

The dog is loving the snow and continues to roll in it every day. I then have a house that smells like wet dog until she thaws out. The funniest thing she did this week was after an invigorating walk in the snow - her paws must have been extremely chilly - she came in - lay infront of the radiator and placed all 4 paws on the red hot radiator. I thought she might burn herself but she just lay there smiling. Yes my dog smiles.........

Got to get more deliveries ready..... Dont forget check out the list on Boxing Day - I will e-mail all online subscribers too.

Merry Christmas from Knits in the City

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