Friday, 15 April 2011

The Races, Easter, New Products, Website Update - the list is endless

Hi everybody, in the words of George Michael "yes Ive been bad" - haven't kept up with the blogging. In my defence I have been extremely busy.


I have updated my website. It looks the same but has a slightly different feel. It works a bit smoother in the background and you can now leave comments about the fabulous range of products and the levels of service you receive.

All comments greatly appreciated.


What can I say - we have had so many beautiful books and yarns in for the Spring Summer Season. My favourites are;

Louisa Harding - Ondine - the yarn and patterns are perfect for this season.

Kim Hargreaves Whisper - the books should be in stock any day now but the range of patterns is bang on trend. Monochrome colours and open stitch garments - lovely. The patterns (in my opinion) feel quite 80's and as the 80's were my hayday I know that the designs will suit me. I particularly love "Sheer" - don't know if I have still got the bod for it but wow wow wow!!!

The Rowan Mags are always a favourite and this year didn't disappoint. The Studio Book 23 features lots of really wearable garments.

Ah - now - NORO FLOWERS 2. The book cover itself is enough to make you want to buy it. Design 9 has been extremely popular although there is an error in the book and it doesn't show how much Aya is required to make the jacket. You will need between 12 to 16 balls depending upon your size. I also love the little tank tops.

Debbie Bliss's spring summer magazine has sold like hot cakes - there are a number of patterns for the new yarn Angel featured in it. I love this yarn and have made a small shrug in it. It is like Rowan Kidsilk Haze and I think I prefer it - it doesn't seem to shed as much when knitting it up.

Patons have brought out some lovely patterns this season. I am constantly selling out of 3806 which is for Fairy Dolls. The Patons Fusion range of patterns and yarn have also been a great success.

Designer Knitting Magazines remain as popular as ever. I am glad that I stock these they give me such inspiration.

Check out the website for a full perusal of all the new stuff . I dare you not to purchase a new fabulous project for the summer.


As you all know I go to Aintree every year on Ladies Day. We decided to go in the new stand the Lord Sefton which overlooks the paddock so you can see the horses being paraded and walked though to the racecourse. Racehorses are magnificent athletes. My horse Treacle is just what it says on the tin - a Treacle Pudding compared to the lean mean racing machines.

The day was fabulous, the girls all looked fantastic, we didn't loose our shirts and we had seats. (If you are a woman reading this you will know the importance of the two words).


Yes it has come around quickly. I am not doing anything special but am quite looking forward to the Easter Eggs. The Royal Wedding is also looming but the Wedding of the year is my friends special day in June. Cant Wait!! What to wear???

Got to go now - orders are starting to land.

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