Monday, 29 June 2009

Husbands - I couldnt eat a whole one!

Husbands, I suppose you have got to love them especially when they actually wear what you have made for them.

Pictures are of Cecil - he belongs to Candice a member of our stitch and bitch group. She has recently made this waistcoat (Rowan Mag 45) in summer tweed. I am very impressed with the finished article but even more impressed that Cecil is actually wearing it!!! He does look good - although the hand on the hip is a bit of a 60s model pose. Next time he will be looking at his watch.......

At the recent Rowan day the organisers commented that the nicest thing you could do for a loved one is make them a garment... I do agree with this but you have to be very careful that you make the right garment. Some of the younger members of our Stitch and Bitch group have decided that they will make their partners/boyfriends/manfriends scarves or sweaters for the autumn..... We are looking forward to the new yarns coming in. Seems a bit crazy talking about this when it is a sweltering 30 degrees outside.

Anyway enough blogging for now. Congratulations Candice - a job well done.
Special note for Cecil - "Looking Good Baby".

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  1. Great wasitcoat, and I'm impressed he's wearing it! My OH seems to live in tshirts, but at least my mum likes the things I knit her!