Friday, 19 June 2009

Designing Stuff, Writing a Book, Knitting - Which One First?

I am sitting here like Carrie in Sex in the City. Writers (no scrap that) Knitters Block!!

I have so many ideas throughout the day on how to progress the business that I should start writing them down. Todays ideas included - Create a book of knitting patterns for dog owners to knit, write a book which teaches people how to knit with specific projects in it - each one a little bit more difficult than the next which provides the user with the skills to create a garment. Design kits for children. Look at designing - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Marketing, Accounts, Admin the list gets longer and longer and I get embroiled in thinking and do not actually do much doing. Oh almost forgot - Create a line of felted bags.......

I am now pondering whether other people have this problem or is it only me.

I have been perusing Ravelry and have decided that I am not alone. There are lots of people with many projects on the go at once, surely they are experiencing the same type of issues as me. I am calling it brain overload and have decided that I need to prioritise.........

1. Finish off all summer projects before day dreaming about what I am going to make this autumn/winter. Did I mention that I am going to stock the new Gedifra range this Autumn/Winter. The patterns are very on trend (Wow now I even sound like Carrie).

2. Spend max on 1 hour per day on Ravelry, Surfing, Blogging (Almost impossible I hear you cry - I agree)

3. Work on 1 book at a time - Knits in the City - Step by Step. Followed by Knits in the City - Fashion for Paws (fauxpas) OK I know the titles arent up to much yet but I am only in the planning stages. 2 hours every other day

4. Work on Felting Bag Patterns - 1 hour per day

5. Admin - 1 hour per day.

So that is 4 - 5 hours accounted for - must also walk the dog, ride the horse, clean the house, eat, wash and iron clothes (without doubt the worst job in the world) and then actually do some knitting.

I did say at the beginning that this was knitters block not writers block. You would think that just coming back of holiday I would be chilled and raring to go. Maybe I need to give myself time to get back into the groove.

Shopping for shoes tomorrow - Carrie would be proud!

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