Wednesday, 3 June 2009

We grow and grow in numbers .......

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to thank the new knitters for joining our Stitch and Bitch session last night. We grow in numbers almost every week now which is fantastic. Obviously coming into the holiday season we have people that can not make every session but I am so pleased that it hasn't fallen flat on its face. I really enjoy the couple of hours we get together and hope that the newbies, Kerry and Yin Yin, felt welcomed by all.

I am away for a week so will not be at the session on the 16th but I hope that everybody still meets. The progress that people make are making is really encouraging - especially the new knitters, Jo, Tracey, Lyndsey and Louise you are all doing exceptionally well and I feel rather proud of you. Hope that didn't sound condescending.

No pics this week - forgot the camera last night, but I look forward to some finished garments being displayed soon.

Have a great week knitting and I will see you all on the 9th.

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