Wednesday, 26 August 2009

More - yes thats right - More Stock!!!

I seem to have gone mad!! The thought of Autumn/Winter yarns and all sense of reason has left me. Over the last month I have been getting carried away with all the new lovely yarns out there and suddenly they have all appeared at my house......

It looks like the invasion of the woolombies (x between wool and zombies). Every where I turn there is a pile of wool smiling at me. Whilst I eat my dinner, watch the TV even when I go to bed.

Silly me - when I decided to start the business I though a small bedroom with racking would be plenty of room for storage with the other small bedroom as an office. Wrong Wrong Wrong!

The plan is to convert the cellar but that will take wonga which I am short of at the moment as it is all tied up in this lovely stock. Now I love wool as much as the next knitter but sharing every room in your house with it is well you know.

I am sending out orders daily but it looks like whilst I am asleep the wool is multiplying - instead of Jackadoodles I will soon be overrun with Woolrussels. Although Talulah has an aversion to anything wooly and she has been spayed anyway.

Wow that really was a rant but I feel better now.

Knitting anyone?

1 comment:

  1. I think I need to rein you in on the spending.... Never mind I am sure I will be ordering something else soon so that should make a tiny dent on your stock levels.
    Come on girls ... get knitting!