Thursday, 20 August 2009

Louisa Harding Launch of Little Cake

Another busy week.... As you know Tuesday is our Stitch and Bitch night so I was busy trying to get the new products onto the website - have failed miserably as other things keep cropping up. I am however determined to give the website a good going over today......Thus I am writing on the blog??

That aside I am still contemplating the Louisa Harding launch I attended on Tuesday. I loved the garments and the new book Little Cake. The pics are on the site. Yarn requirements being added as soon as poss.

The book uses two new yarns - Willow Tweed which knits as a DK and Thistle which is Aran weight. Part of Louisa's (I can call her Louisa now without giving her her full title as we have actually met) charm is that the patterns are very feminine and a contrast to the New Rowan 46 magazine look, i.e. the designs are not bulky walk the dog type products. I have started to make the Pikenaze Scarf in Willow Tweed (picture below) as a sample to show the knitting group next week. It is a lovely project and only takes two balls of the yarn. I think the scarf makes a fantastic Christmas present so I think I will be making a few for my friends this year.

The book - well wow what can I say. The photography is fab - there is a conversation with Louisa running through the book and each garment has that "I want to make it/own it" factor. Some people buy Recipe Books and dream about making the dishes. I love to read patterns and imagine that I have made the garments. I really would recommend this book - it is fantastic value at £7.50 yes thats right £7.50!!! Can you believe it? 26 beautiful patterns for £7.50.

One of the ladies in our S&B is a big Louisa Harding fan but thought that she wasnt experienced enough to tackle one of the projects from the 2009 S/S Nouveau book. I convinced her that she would be fine and she has just completed Anouk. Pictured here with my dog and at home.
I hope you agree with me she has made a fantastic job of this garment - she is now making Odette - this is her first attempt at knitting on the round and also incorporating the fairisle technique.
I love it when people are ambitious as they get such a fantastic sense of achievement when they complete their projects.
If you are a member of Ravelry you might be aware of the Louisa Harding Lovers group. There has been a forum discussing how age appropriate Louisa's garments are. Sue is no longer a teenager and the garment looks stunning on her.
Thats all for now. Better update the website so that you can all get on and buy a copy of this fantastic book.

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  1. Wow Sue!! Looks fab. Well done....
    I nearly had heart failure making one baby sandal. Hopefully Chris will put a pic of it up on the site ... it is quite cute.