Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Not Smug today just Shattered.

Last night Mel from the Stitch and Bitch session came around to the house to get some yarn. I took her into the storeroom and looked at my stash with somebody elses eyes. The room was a mess and I was truly embarrassed.

This morning I had a delivery from Coates - Patons Eco Chunky Wool (£3.25 for 50g) and Patons Shadow Tweed Chunky (£5.10 for 100g) both beautiful yarns - full colour ranges available. Anyway there was no room to put the yarns away. So I sit here a lather of sweat after rearranging the full store room. It looks that good now that I feel like taking a picture I am so proud of myself - I wont though as I am expecting a very large order from Designer Yarns later this week of Debbie Bliss Fez, Baby Cashmerino, Alpaca Silk Aran and Luxury Tweed Aran and will need to squeeze these items in some how.

I have plans to convert my cellar and also to have the loft changed into a room but like everything it is all down to money.

Check out the website for the new yarns and patterns - I really love them hope you do too.

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