Thursday, 10 September 2009

Burghley Over for another year - Boo! Winter Knitting - Yeah

Well I'm back from Burghley. Had a great weekend - just finished all of the washing!!

The weather was great - dry and not too hot. The event was very exciting this year - Oliver Townsend won (probably doesn't mean anything to the none horsey peeps out there). He has now won Badminton and Burghley - If he wins at Kentucky he will match Pippa Funnels achievement of the grand slam!!

So that is it for the big events for another year so onwards and upwards - lets get knitting for Christmas. Is it too early to sneak in a pic of Santa yet?? Well we have to plan as we all know knitting takes time, its not as easy as shopping, wrapping, giving. It involves, planning, shopping, making (with love) wrapping and giving - and if your lucky they actually like it!
I have made a couple of things so far. One for a 40th, one for a present - cant say what or who they are for in case they read the blog. I am working on a felted bag - yes I know I have been doing it for a while but other things have cropped up. It is drying as we speak in the garden as it is actually a nice day today.

The pattern is "Netherly Satchel" in the Rowan 46 Magazine and says to use Cocoon. As this was an experiment I opted to use Freedom 100% Wool. It is less expensive - it took 20 balls!! Yes 20 balls of the wool and has turned out a bit bigger than the Rowan one - I have washed twice trying to shrink that is why it is drying again. I like it though and will use it when finished - all I have to do now it put the base on and line - thinking a funky orange to match the fair isle patterns.

One of my on line customers Jobo - has sent through a pic of her finished garment - Cardigan made in Rowan Purelife Organic 4ply cotton. She has made a fabulous job on this item. Hope you all agree.
Don't forget to send through your finished items and I will showcase them for you on this blog. Also don't be shy add to add comments please - I know people are reading my blurb but either I am too boring to comment on or you have nothing to say (and I cant believe that as I know a lot of you personally).

Have now got the new Louisa Harding Queen of Hearts in stock again. Sold out of my first batch very quickly - a great buy at £7.50.
The fingerless gloves look a must for Christmas presents - Oh no I am off again. I think I am getting obsessed.
Now back to my red hat with pom pom!!

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