Friday, 25 September 2009

Just a Quicky

Haven't blogged for a while have been busy with advertising!! - There is a lot to be said for working for a large organisation where you have specific departments for certain tasks. One of these would be marketing. Its the artwork. I am not great at it. Will get better though. Will have to as there is only me to do everything at the moment.

When I am a household name I will have staff to assist me............dreaming the meantime I need to unpack some new stocks.

Have you seen the Rowan Greatest Knits that is due into stock any day now. Well it is a collection of 30 patterns from the last 30 years. Second row down right hand image is the first Rowan garment I ever made in Rowan yarn. I used to buy the patterns and use cheaper yarn to make the items. For this jumper I used the correct yarn in exactly the same colours as shown. It turned out fantastically and I kept the sweater for years until it became bally and unwearable. I loved it so much I am going to make it again when I get the book. Another lovely book that has just come in is Debbie Bliss Tips for Knitters - at £7.99 I think it makes the ideal Christmas present for a knitter.

The new Debbie Bliss Mag is also in stock finally and has been selling like hot cakes. Some people on Ravelry have said that its not as good as previous mags but I particularly like the Union Jack Cushion and the Dog Bed........ Makes a change to make something like this. Or is it because I am patriotic??
Brendalyn going well (that's my latest project) would like more time to knit but there is work to be done.
Not so much of a quicky after all.
Coffee calling............

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