Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Stitch and Bitch 28.7.09

I thought I would post a quick update about last nights Stitch and Bitch - We had two new Members, Mel and Debs which was great, Jen (DQKnits) also came down. We haven't seen her for a while so that was nice.
Unfortunately Aussie Anne and Kerry couldn't make it as they have been attacked by the Oink Oink Flu. Scottie Anne was also unwell and was missed.
Candice and Jo were settling in the horses as they have now moved into Candice's new stables and are happy little Gee Gees.
Lyndsey has almost (ALMOST!!) finished her project and is desperate to get onto the Tea Cosie - Poor Margaret (Lindsey's Nan) is getting the job of sewing up the project. Its OK though as Lyndsey has an excuse - all rhyme and reason has left her being as she has found a new bloke. She is even considering making him a scarf......... Must be love!
I am pictured above sporting my latest creation. It is from the Gedifra Highlights 092 book and made from Gedifra Yarn Antiga which is 34% Acrylic, 30% Polyamide, 18% Mohair and 18% Wool. The garment knitted up in about 4 hours. I like the shoulders as they look as though they have shoulder pads in and the don't, I have got big shoulders but it wasn't all me either - it was where the sleeves joined it gave a great effect. Must admit though this is a winter garment and even though it was chilly last night I was far too hot. Check out the Rosy cheeks. Will put it away now till October. Sometimes I just cant wait to show things off when they are done. What a poser!!
Went to see "The Proposal" - chick flick with Sandra Bullock on Monday night - recommended for a night out with the girls. Looking forward to Coco before Channel next.
Will post a pic of my completed felted bag tomorrow - I am currently working on the Netherley Satchel from the new Rowan 46 Magazine. Although I am making it in Freedom Wool (100& chunky wool about a third of the price of Rowan Cocoon) - If the prototype works well I will invest in the Cocoon version.
Have a great week.

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