Wednesday, 8 July 2009

S&B Update - Baby Dress in Cashmerino

Just thought I would let you all take a look at Sue's finished project. It is a beautiful baby dress by Debbie Bliss in Baby Cashmerino.
Everyone in the group has been very impressed with this garment but the oohing and aahing still doesn't make me want one (a baby that is). Haileys baby Isla is as cute as a button - lovely to cuddle for half an hour or so but wouldn't want to have one full time. However I wouldn't mind one about 5 - cause then it can ride a pony!!
Had another new member to the group last night - Val - I hope she felt welcomed by us all although it wasn't a large group. Tracy was watching Madonna in concert, Jo and Candice were picking up a parrot!! Lyndsey and Margaret were in town watching a play, Louise was playing with Mark, Yinners is back in Manchester out of term time and Aussie Anne and Jen have gone missing in action. I have had an enquiry from another two ladies who will be joining us next week so we should be back into double figures every week.
I am looking forward to seeing a few finished garments from my website customers soon. Will post the pics as and when they come in. You never know it might give us inspiration to try something new.
See you all Next Tuesday.

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