Thursday, 16 July 2009

Finished Anemone From Rowan Mag 45

At last!!!! I have actually finished the Anemone Cardi that I started back in May. The truth is I got a bit bored with it.

If you don't know me I get bored if a pattern is too easy and this one was a bit of a challenge at first as it is intarsia but once the pattern got into your head it was quite boring. I do like the way that the Rowan Cotton Glace hangs although it was difficult to keep neat whilst making up. This is by far my bug bear. If I could pay a super duper finisher to sew up my garment I would.

If anybody else wants to make this garment one piece of advice - put 6 buttons on the garment not the 4 that is recommended I just think it would look better.

Please ignore the hair - I was having a bad hair day.............

Talking of hair - I am in the process of knitting up a Knits in the City doll to be our mascot - I am fashioning her on the website drawing. The only thing is the hair is very difficult to do..... Will post her pic when I have finished. We need to give her a name... Any suggestions??


  1. Love the cardi Chris. Look forward to seeing your next creation

  2. Dont like the hair though.

  3. For the hair on the mascot have you considered felting it? I think it would look good felted unless you want seperate strands for the hair.