Friday, 24 July 2009

Gedifra - Done (do I sound like Gordon Ramsey?)

Well I completed the Gedifra Videra Sweater last night.
Its a small so I couldn't model it myself, had to wait for Jo to call around to show it off.
The yarn is fantastic to work with and knits up really quickly - This jumper took 2 nights, approx 6 hours of knitting. I do knit fast especially if I like the yarn.
I would definitely recommend this yarn (and the pattern).
Hope Lisa (who I have made it for) likes it as much as I do.


  1. You made that in TWO NIGHTS?!? Wow! That is super fast knitting. And here I was feeling pleased with myself that I'd only taken 3 weeks to get half way through a short sleeved jumper!
    That is a lovely cardigan.

  2. It does look really nice - although I think that if I made it for me I would like it slightly longer in the body - did you alter the pattern at all ?



  3. No I didnt alter the pattern but Jo has got implants which made the sweater ride up a little bit in the front. I tried it on but I looked like the hulk as it was a small.

    Lisa who I made it for is very slight and it looks great on her - (No implants) The length on her is mid buttock at the back and just below the jean pockets on the front.

    The yarn is great to work with.