Sunday, 10 May 2009

Getting Fit

Just a quick update - the Man/Pig/Super Flu is now on its way out so I have decided to put a concerted effort into getting fitter.

Had my last portion of chips last night and managed to break a tooth eating the crunchy ones. Good start eh?

So tomorrow morning its straight to the Dentist, then off to the vet (no not for me) the dog needs her nails cutting, down to the farm to ride the horse, next stop the gym to do 30mins on the cross trainer and 30 mins on the bike (I am starting slowly) then home to do some work.

I am looking at better ways to market the web site. If anybody has any sooper dooper ideas let me know on how we can get the word of Knits in the City out to the masses please pass them on.

Also please advise if any of you are members of


  1. Glad that you are beginning to feel a bit better - I was struck down on Friday, ended up coming home from work at lunchtime and sleeping all afternoon.

    Speak to you soon..


  2. Hi Tracy,

    Hope you are feeling better - it took me ages to shift the cough.

    Anyway we have Stitch and Bitch tonight - should be fun. We are quite a young group and have a laugh every Tuesday night, although I have had a few messages this week about patterns that have been going wrong - so will probably spend some time sorting out other peoples knitting.

    How is your Noro project going?

  3. Slowly - it has been busy at home this week and by the time the boys are in bed, I can't be bothered much rather watch TV with a glass of wine in my hand !!!
    Hope you had a good time at Stitch and Bitch - unfortunatel there isn't anything like that around here - would be good to get out and meet like minded knitters.