Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Stitch and Bitch


It was great to see two newbies at the Prescot Stitch and Bitch tonight. Kotaatok and DQknits - both people I have met through Ravelry.

Kataatok (Aussie Anne) brought in some yarn that she had dyed herself - very impressive. She also brought in some lovely coconut biscuits that she had made. Apparently the recipe is very simples but as I have discussed my culinary skills are not my best attribute ......... nuff said.

Louise gave us all a great rendition of "Its Not Fair" by Lilly Allen with all the real words.......

Sue brought in her finished baby blanket hat and booties. See Pic - very cute.

Tallulah my dog was very impressed with the blanket. I think she thought its was for her. Would have been a laugh to put the booties and the hat on her though - maybe next time.

Some of the regulars couldn't make the session tonight due to child minding, OFFSTED (I think this is how you spell it - that's why I am not a teacher) and transport difficulties.

Jo is sending over the pic of Margaret's finished garment and I will put the pictures up as soon as possible. I must add I am very proud of the progress the group are making. Just can't wait to see Louise's baby blanket!!!!


  1. Wow Sue!! The blankie and booties look great!!

    Sounds like I missed a good night with the knitty nora's. Even though I could not be there due to child care sommitments I did knit at home and am proud to say that my jumper is coming along smashingly!!

    Next week I will be away at horse camp. How much flack am I going to get for that! I promise I will knit like mad and give the girls a ring.

  2. Hi Candice, Dont forget to send a pic through of Cecil in his waistcoat for the site!!