Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rowan Autumn/Winter Launch Day


As promised I am here to feedback on the Rowan Autumn/Winter Launch Day that I attended yesterday. It was great. The new yarns are beautiful.

There are 3 main stories running through the seasons collection in Magazine No. 46 - these are; Folklore, Shadowland and Heritage.

Folklore is a very patterned collection, Shadowland has fantastic chunky yarns and cabling effects and Heritage is classically English. I don't have the images of the yarns or patterns yet but as soon as I can obtain them I will add them to the blog. You will not be disappointed.

There is also a New Purelife Winter Collection using British Sheep Breeds Chunky & DK and Organic Wool DK. This has some great pieces and I can see one of the long cardigan coats selling like wildfire. Again further information to follow.

The Classic Winter Solace Book features patterns in Alpaca Cotton by Martin Storey. I love the blanket pattern - it is done in squares and would make a fantastic project to do as a group or for a gift or just to display your craft over a chair or couch. Did I say I loved this pattern. The yarn is also to die for - Soft Soft Soft!

There is a new product called Lima which was launched yesterday - the buzz surrounding it was very positive. The yarn looks as though it is plaited - it is fantastic. Again further details to follow.

I have also decided to become a stockist of the New Gerdifra Autumn Winter Yarns. They are fabulous - very European with patterns to match. I thought that this would make a good contrast to the classic Rowan products.

I also met a new contact called Suzie Johnson. Who you ask - well for all the fans of Kirsty Allsops new TV programme on C4 Kirsty Allsops Homemade Home she was the lady who was featured and used for producing the knitted titles, draft excluders, knitted house etc.
If any of you are interested in getting hold of any of her kits e-mail me and I will source them for you.

That's all for now. Hope you are all as exited as I am about the new ranges but don't wish your summer away - there are still loads of great summer weight projects to be tackled in the next 4 months.


  1. All sounds very good and glad to hear that you had a good time.. it would be good to get some photos on the site when the time comes... My LYS website hasnt been updated for 4 years... and you wonder why I want to buy it ...


  2. It was a very good day out.... And there are lots of projects that I am sure the happy knitters will be very excited to undertake. I am really looking forward to the ones I have selected.