Friday, 1 May 2009

On the Fringe

Well I have done it I have made a drastic change - I have had a fringe cut into my hair. Now I know its not that drastic, I haven't died my hair blue or anything but because I have such a small forehead I didn't know how it would look..... I am quietly pleased with it - I think it is quite sexy!!!!

I have been very busy looking at horses with Candice which involves travelling up an down the country and the knitting project I am working on does not lend itself to knitting in the car so I have started another slipover. See Pic.
The pattern is very simple but very effective - made from Rowan Summer Tweed which I love. I will post a picture of me wearing the garment when it is finished.
Hope you are all making great progress with your projects. Got to get onto completing my accounts now - end of month and all that.
Speak soon.


  1. Hiya Chris
    Just caught up with your blog - looking good.
    When I ordered my Noro I didn't realise that you hadn't been in business very long - your professionalism and the goods themselves certainly don't reflect that...
    I will be lurking on a daily basis, checking on your antics and once I have finished the Noro project, I will send you some photos .

    Take care
    Tracy - Halifax

  2. Forgot to ask..
    Which book is the pattern for the slipover in ?
    It looks gorgeous ..


  3. Hi Tracy,

    The slip over is in the Rowan Kasbah Collection. It is made using Rowan Summer Tweed. The yarn has been really popular with my customers so I decided to make something with it myself. It knits up lovely and only takes 5 balls for s/m/l sizex, 6 for xl. So the garment isnt too expensive to make. The book includes a variety of projects so is good value too. Thanks for your comments. Keep in touch.