Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Is there anybody out there??

So I got round to downloading the pictures of The Grand National from last Friday.

I think we all look great - but this was at the start of the day..... To be honest we all looked exactly the same that evening - it was a really fun day although also a really long day. Next year we are going to get a table in one of the stands so that we can eat, sit down and enjoy the races in comfort. Does that last statement mean that I am getting old??

I was going to post pics of the best and worst outfits of the day but the press have done this to death. So instead I am going to take this opportunity to advise everybody of the Stitch and Bitch group that I am setting up in Prescot.

The group will meet every Tuesday at the Print House in Prescot 6.00pm till 8.00pm. Everybody is welcome - just bring your knitting along and have a chat with like minded individuals. If you need a project I can advise you on the latest yarns/patterns depending upon your experience levels. Dont forget to check out the website http://www.knitsinthecity.co.uk/

Hopefully people are actually reviewing this blog - if not dont worry I have sent you all e-mails to let you know about the group. Hope to see you there next week when we have our first session 14th April 2009.


  1. Hello Chris, I thought I would add a blog to the chat room. What is the format of the stich & bitch class on Tuesday? what goes on at one of these??

  2. The Stitch and Bitch sessions are where people get together with their knitting and have a chat, drink and help each other with their projects.

    Your Lou is coming over on Saturday to pick a pattern and some yarn and I will get her started. Why dont you come over with her and pick something to make. You will enjoy it.

    The Knits in the City at Home parties are something completely different. This is where I bring patterns and yarns to your house. You invite a group of your friends we play some icebreaker games and then people can decide if they want to buy yarn/patterns etc. to make a garment. The Stitch and Bitch sessions should be good at the Print House - as you mentioned we can put on a fashion show there at the end of the year which I can post on the website. Its all looking really good - I am quite exited by the response so far.

  3. You all look fab. Maybe next year I will come along just for a laugh!!

  4. I Chris, apologies I missed the first session, I will try and attend on Tuesday. I am hoping to knit something for Michelle's new baby - any ideas for something simple?