Thursday, 2 April 2009

Welcome to Knits in the City

Knits in the City is a new on line supplier of quality yarns, patterns and accessories. (

The business was started on the back of the new knitting revolution that is taking the world by storm. Knitting is not only a creative craft but also has very relaxing benefits - thats why they call it the new yoga - ask Georgy Clooney - he has been spotted knitting on the set of his new movies. Who wouldnt like to be that garment?!**

Please see our blog for up to date articles on the positivities of knitting.

My name is Christine Feery the founder of the company. I have knitted for 30+ years and enjoy the creative side of the craft. I have always been very fashion conscious and design many of my own garments. With this in mind I have concentrated on the most up to date yarns, patterns and accessories.

For those of you who are more traditional in your style I have a great selection of classic patterns made up in luxurious yarns and which give them that extra special finish.

How great is it when you wear something that receives a positive reaction. Well its even better when you can respond with "thank you very much I made it myself". Knits in the City is here to assist you with all of your projects. We will not only provide you with the raw materials to create you special item but we will also answer any queries you have about garment construction.

We look forward to forming a creative partnership with each and every one of our fellow knitters. Please check or add to our blog with any comments you may have about Knits in the City, your current or previous projects and for fashion news in general.

Welcome, enjoy shopping and keep in touch.


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