Saturday, 4 April 2009

Recovering - Ladies Day

Well I am up and about - great day at the races. Came home relatively early for me last night was tucked up in bed for 11.00pm but had been busy since 9.00am. I didnt have any winners but did drink lots of champagne.

Took some pics but havent downloaded them yet. Its such a nice day I am going to see my own horse who had to have the vet yesterday - she has got a bit of a rash - following some fly bites. I love the good weather but my poor horse is plagued by midges.

Anyway as always there were some fantastic outfits at the races but similarly there were some truly horrendous ones. Will update you more later. Enjoy todays sunshine. I will be staying in tonight - and will try to make some progress on my knitting.

Current Project - shown in above picture - Anemone - Rowan Magazine 45 - cotton glace - I have completed the back and am now on the front. Is very interesting to do but is not a quick knit. The yarn is lovely.

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