Thursday, 9 April 2009

Its nearly Summer - out comes the nautical trend again.

I have just been reading through this weeks Grazia and as summer approaches it seems that the nautical theme is raising its head again. They have highlighted a Reiss Dress - which I must admit I really like - I have a thing for stripes - it must be really new out as its not shown on the website yet! Anyway this got me thinking about knitting projects that stand the test of time.

I love fashion but as we are all aware it changes almost daily, so its nice to see a style that you can redo each year and looks good on all ages.

Rowan have a nautical themed studio book - Rowan Studio Issue Ten. This book has 8 nautical themed projects. For the more experienced knitters out there there is a cabled tank top which I have completed and always gets positive comments about when I wear it. (pic top left).

For the beginner the classic cardigan is a good option - especially if made in navy or white.

Check out the for more information.

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